Posted by: Nic Butler, Ph.D. | 7 December 2007

Charleston History Radio Plays

Among the recently-processed Records of the Historical Commission of Charleston, 1933-1956, are scripts for six radio plays dramatizing episodes from the city’s colonial history. Despite the best efforts of the commissioners, these scripts, authored principally by Robert Memminger in 1935, were apparently never produced on the air. The aging typescript sheets, many of which are covered with copious pencil notes and corrections, have lingered in storage for decades. Now they are are available through our Special Collections Department, and we look forward to generating some interest in the possibility of having them produced for modern audiences. Who knows–these forgotten scripts may inspire a new generation of radio listeners to learn more about our history!

The titles of the radio scripts are as follows:

  • “Blackbeard’s Hostages”
  • “The First Naval Attack upon Charles Town in the Province of Carolina, August 24–31, 1706”
  • “The Exposure of General William Campbell”
  • “Revolutionary Times: The General Committee”
  • “Johnson’s Capture of Worley’s Pirates”
  • “The Taking of Fort Johnson”

Curious? If you’d like to learn more about these scripts and the Records of the Historical Commission of Charleston, please contact us!



  1. Fascinating! I’d love to hear these and hope someone will be interested in producing them.

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